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Advanced Tax Planning

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Advanced Tax Planning

Why not get a second opinion from someone other than the person who gave you the first?

Our team of highly skilled tax attorneys and accounting professionals have structured unique tax-planning strategies tailored to our clients’ business and personal situations.

  • Once our team is able to determine how your taxes can be reduced, they will present their solutions and then implement the strategies for you.
  • Strategies are based on a strong technical foundation and have already been tested by thousands of other taxpayers based on black letter law and case studies.

How they get it done:

With our income tax services, you will have access to a complete capital preservation report specially tailored for your specific needs, including:

  • A full description of the tax reduction strategies suitable to your situation.
  • Existing statutes, court cases, IRS regulations, revenue rulings and other information to support each of our recommendations.

How our tax team works for you:

All you need to provide us with are the last two years’ business and personal tax returns, and answer a few questions. In turn, our tax team will:

  • Prepare a complimentary analysis of your situation and project your tax savings.
  • Complete the research necessary to customize your plan.
  • Prepare a contract specifying their fixed fees for developing your capital preservation report.
  • Prepare the capital preservation report containing your income tax savings plan.
  • Implement the tax reduction strategies.
  • Train your current tax advisors regarding the newly implemented strategies.
Why should you trust us?

  • IRS compliant
  • Proven and tested.
Our tax team has experience in many fields!

They have worked with organizations across many industries including:

  • Physician practices
  • Consumer goods
  • Distribution & logistics
  • Environmental
  • Financial services
  • Franchise organizations
  • Investment firms
  • Legal firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Oil & gas
  • Service organizations

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