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Dean Burdette

Financial Advisor

Dean has been a resident of Naples for over 41 years with my four children: Ian, Aiden, Peyton, and Calen. When he is not attending church events, he enjoys coin collecting, hiking, and soccer in his spare time.

With over two decades of experience in the banking, finance, and insurance arenas, he understands that each client’s economic and life situation is unique. He also believes that the investment process can be confusing and misleading for those who haven’t dedicated their lives to studying financial strategies.

Dean utilizes his extensive experience to help clients develop comprehensive financial plans. Throughout his career, he has presented numerous financial education live events. He has helped many individuals and businesses create a reliable and sustainable investment strategy that incorporates income with a focus on minimal taxation. Dean truly believes that simplicity is true sophistication, and that is how your investment and income plan should be.

Strategies for Financial Independence

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