The Government and Finances

Working Hand-In-Hand With the Government To Help Ensure The Best Financial Service To Each Client

One of the variety of roles that I have as a financial advisor is to listen. I listen to different stories from each one of my clients about what their goals and their dreams are both presently and in retirement. I listen to stories about their family and how their children are growing. I listen to the stories about how each of my clients worked hard and saved with the hopes of being able to live comfortably as the years went on. Listening is a key element that has been a huge benefit to me as a financial advisor and it is because I have listened over the years, that I know the tools that I need to be able to provide each of my clients the guidance that they need to help ensure the money that they have worked so hard for is invested, saved, and used in a way that will achieve their long term and short term monetary goals.

It is due to my years of listening to each of my clients, that I was invited to serve on the Financial Advisory Council of the Financial Services Institute. The Financial Services Institute is an organization that works hand in hand with our politicians in Washington, D.C. to ensure that financial advisors around the country are able to continue to provide the best monetary guidance for average, every day, hard-working Americans. As a member of this very important council, I will be able to share my perspective and years of experience on the best way that this can be done with our ever change financial climate.

On June 6th, I was invited to attend a Financial Advisor Council meeting in Washington D.C., during which time our council discussed a variety of issues including how we can reach out to more financial advisors to join our advocacy council, what issues are significant to our clients as well as what issues we believe are important within the financial advisor community. During this meeting, I had the opportunity to meet with Senator Cory Booker office as well as the offices of 4 U.S. Representatives of Congress. The ability for the Financial Advisory Council to have this personal access to government politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, is critical to ensure that all Americans are able to receive the best possible financial advice. I was only too pleased to express these sentiments to the politicians I was able to meet with, in hopes that they will take all the information that is given to them into account when discussing and voting on important legislature that could affect how any financial advisor provides service to their client and Main Street investors throughout the country.

I am extremely proud of the fact that through my work with the Financial Services Institute on the Financial Advisor Council, I will be able to continuously strive to bring each of my clients their own personalized form of financial guidance. If you are interested in learning more about the wealth management services that we provide at PFS Wealth Management Group, I encourage you to reach out to today at 888-331-2821 or e-mail us at