Keeping Calm During Stock Market Changes

Key Advise To Remember When Dealing With Stock Market Concerns

The news about the status of the stock market is always changing. Some of these changes happen over a number of days whereas other changes happen within a number of hours. Earlier this year, the biggest news about the stock market was that it was going to surge to a new record high and investors were celebrating. Yet, just days later, the financial climate shifted and stock market numbers dropped due to a terror attack. It can certainly be unsettling when dealing with these constant changes that can have a direct impact on a person’s financial standings. However, there are many key elements to keep in mind when trying to determine your best financial strategy while navigating an uncertain stock market.

An important piece of advice that I always give to my clients is that they need to trust me with their finances. That means that they need to trust me more than they trust what they may hear on the news or what they see on financial websites. While you may feel that the news and the internet may bring you the latest information on financial standings, the only person that will be able to give you the most up-to-date information on your specific portfolio is your financial advisor. Listening to the general information that media outlets give you could, in turn, cause you to make a decision out of emotion which could completely undo the financial groundwork that myself and my team has put together for you.

When the stock market takes a turn that isn’t necessarily pleasing, it is important that every client stays focused on their long-term investment. When compiling a financial strategy, my main focus is not just planning for today, tomorrow, or even a week from now. I am putting together a plan with an intention for it to last for 10, 20, 30 or more years. Therefore, short-range stock market falls will not always translate to long-term financial issues. That being said, if something takes place within the stock market that I feel could hurt my client in the long run, I always urge my clients to remain flexible. It is very possible that we may need to change or alter their plan as unforeseen circumstances do come into play. However, every financial move that we make will continuously be for your overall future financial well-being.

PFS Wealth Management has a history of being able to weather any type of financial “storm” with their client. While it is impossible to be able to predict what the outcome of the stock market will be at any given time, PFS Wealth Management works hand-in-hand with each of our clients to help ensure that their portfolio reflects the best possible investment choices based on their comfort level. It is our ultimate goal to see each investment grow past what we anticipate and we are confident that our approach of personalized financial management will give each client this opportunity. Please call our office today at 888-331-2821 or e-mail us at to learn more about your portfolio options.